Your Projects, Our Passion.

At Tech Ingen, we strive to provide you with solutions that are tailor made to your needs and are filled with ingenuity and efficiency. We offer Project Management and support services for any project or idea you might have.

Productivity Consulting.

At Tech Ingen, we not only provide Project Management services, but apply the same principles to your business. Let us delve into your business and see what areas, processes and people can be made more efficient and streamlined.

Project Management

We understand what goes into a project and what is needed to make it a success. Let us bring our project knowledge to the table.

Productivity Consulting

By using traditional Project Management as well as Agile methodologies, we can ultimately save your business time and money.


Communication is the key to everything. This is one of the key principles we focus on when transforming your business or project.


Throughout our experiences we have dealt with a variety of people, cultures and companies at various ends of the world.


If there is an idea you have, we can help you transform that into the master plan. Ideation serves more than just the initial idea.


We know how to make quick decisions, but also know when a thorough analysis needs to be made.


An important key is making sure that you have the necessary blueprints to your project, without it, one shouldn’t start.


We aren’t all tech here and also bring the creative side out in your project by taking care of anything visual.

Custom Solutions

We like listening to our clients before we just pitch services. It helps for us to get a good understanding of your needs first, so that we can effectively and efficiently help you achieve your goals by customising a solution for you.


We like to consider ourselves as the master builders of your operation. From ideation to inception, let us craft the way for you to achieve your goals.


Tech isn’t much without the creative front and vice versa. We have both in house designers and outsourced partners who assist in creative design.

Project Management

Not everyone likes planning a sprint, getting the team organized or making sure everything is on track. If there there is a project you want done, or an idea you have, let us take care of the rest.


Our experience in a variety of fields, projects and locations around the world have allowed us to gain the experience you need to make your project a success.


We cater for all the details

At Tech Ingen, we aim to take our clients existing business processes if any exist and transform them into highly efficient productive machines. Where new processes are needed we will work hand in hand with key stakeholders to implement them to drive productivity.

Our vast experience in various methodologies and technologies allow us to customise solutions for your unique environment.

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