Productivity consulting

Productivity Consulting starts with value stream mapping your business/project processes and defining the key areas that need our attention or that have been bookmarked by management. These areas are then targeted for overhaul.

In our overhaul we account for all current processes and their functions and look at how we can implement strategies and tools to make these more efficient and basically help the business work smarter and save money. We focus on using our experience and the technology available to help you work smarter.

This service also extends to personnel and their own workflow. We often have individuals from entry level staff, up to management level, who are not versed in time and scope management. Some guidance from us goes a long way in clearing the never ending email list, getting organised, and basically making for a happier and more efficient work environment.

Training Packages

Tech Ingen also provides training in time and task management allowing the attendees to gain valuable tools which will help them in their day to day work.

Our packages range from 1 on 1’s with management and leaders to group presentations of 5+ which can be slotted in to available time.